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Getting Help - Addiction Services

The Things We Offer

Since 2003, Alcohol Rehab Rutland has been offering alcohol and substance treatment. By interacting with addicts, we have developed the needed expertise and gained full information about addiction.

Our Work

In the United Kingdom, Alcohol Rehab Rutland is known as a Substance Abuse Service provider. We utilise an incorporated model that joins peer bolster, psychosocial intercessions and phenomenal clinical care at each phase of an individual's recuperation journey. We aim at providing personalised support to ensure success in recovery and long lasting freedom from substance abuse.

To get there, we:

  • Stretch ourselves to ensure that everything we do, from collaborative care planning to specialist prescribing, of the best quality.
  • Complete our work in community-based treatment centres close to where people reside.
  • Think that excellent primary care is key for recovery, and form successful partnerships with local general practitioners, community pharmacists, and other partners from the broader treatment system.
  • Provide a complete range of evidence-based treatment which acknowledges the intricate nature of dependency and its effects.
  • Arrive at feasible and glaring recovery through Mutual Aid and peer assistance.
  • Are an individual from SMART Recovery.
  • Perceive the necessities of families, caregivers and offer help plus guidance.
  • Figure out what is available to us and how to fill in the gaps.

You can call Alcohol Rehab Rutland's Addiction on 0800 246 1509 if you wish to know more about their services.

For Anyone Needing Our Services

Please see the Patient Information pamphlet to learn about the support we can provide you during your recovery.

For data on the OST (Opioid Substitution Treatments) accessible see our Guide to Methadone and Buprenorphine.